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Dear Tempting Weddings Team!
I can't begin to put into words the gratitude I have for you, and the amount of respect and sincere appreciation I have for your work - truly I am in awe of you!!!
I had the pleasure of doing a sexy shoot for Peter's birthday present (the little black book) with you a few weeks ago. As all women with two kids and insecurities, I was extremely nervous and certainly one of the hardest clients you had to deal with, but with your professionalism and patience you managed to quickly put me at ease and get the best photos possible!!! You have such a talent for your work, and just the way you love each other and complete each other is so insperational as well!

Peter absolutely loved the gift and said its the best gift he ever received!! Thanks you for making this idea come to life!!! You guys are ROCK STARS!!!!
Love Jeanine


Dear Tempting Weddings Team!
You Blessed with a Unique Talent, and what makes it more Special is that you Love what you doing. Absolute Passion and dedication in your work. You guys have tremendous Patience and are great with Kids, you make it fun for them. (We enjoyed the Family shoot very much, and felt very comfortable and at home).

The Photos are Stunning and have a special unique touch to them, Picture Perfect, those special moments were captured and a piece of Artwork was given to us (a Memory captured and treasured forever). They took our Breath Away, how can we Thank-You, you guys are an awesome couple and work very well together. You touched our Hearts and Lifes.
Love from the Friedman Family .. we will be back ...


Oh you two!
The two of you are Fantabulous as a couple and as photographers we had such a good time with you guys as well, our photo shoot would so not have been what it is if it weren’t for you guys. The TWT is worth anybodies time and money that’s for sure. We couldn’t have asked for a better day and better pictures.
Thanks so much you guys and May the 2 of you keep shining together and doing what you are both so good at doing as a couple.

All our love
Charlene & Frank


The TWT were everything we wanted from our wedding photographers and more. They are truly the most wonderful people, and the photographs they took of our special day captured the magic of it that we can re-visit whenever we wish. For that, we will be forever grateful.
A wedding day is the day you will remember for the rest of your life…
Our day was extremely special - what made it even more special was the TWT!!!! They are just the best - always smiles, laughs and fun. They give the best service any Bride & Groom can ask for. We have known the TWT for a few years, been on shoots with them so there was no doubt in our minds that they will be our wedding Photographers they are just the BEST BEST BEST !!!!
They are so blessed with a talent from above; that is what makes them so fantastic. They love what they do, they live for Photography. On our wedding day they made time for everyone - they truly captured every small detail; our most treasured moments. We can recommend these 2 amazing people to anyone Bride & Groom... they will make your day!!!!
Every time when we look at our wedding photos we experience the day all over again!!!!!
Thank you so much for giving us one of the best gifts ever!!!!

The Adams Family


The X-Factor at any wedding!
Where do we begin…these two are truly the X-factor at any wedding!!!!
The day we started planning our perfect wedding we went to the TWT first thing. From the moment we met it was awesome! They are so nice and they are extremely good at what they do and most important they LOVE doing it!
For them it’s all about you!!! They make you feel so important and so special. They love people and they where surely a key element at our wedding. They know what will and will not work and they will never ever refuse you if you ask them that it be done your way.
The bonus of having 2 photographers for the price of one on your special day is truly a must have!!! Usually it’s all about the bride but the TWT made my husband feel so special and it is so nice to have photo’s of hubby getting ready and seeing him all exited….things most brides will never see or know of. And for the bride, the TWT has some surprises for you as well. They are just so daring and professional at the same time it’s unbelievable!!! Take for instance our photo of us and the horse, they asked if I wouldn’t mind getting my feet a little dirty and just look at that..wish you could see the rest!!
The first time we saw some of our photo’s I couldn’t hold back the tears…it was as if we relived every single moment, you can’t believe the difference a GOOD photographer makes, and let’s admit it, at the end of it all, all the preparation all the stressing and all the tears…after your big day all you have left to remind you of how breathtaking your special day was is the photo’s that you trusted your photographers to take.
We love them to bits and will recommend them to anyone any day.
TWT were the very first and last photographers we met with for our wedding!! You will not make a mistake with choosing them to make your day spectacular!

Sara & Patrick Baker


Dear Tempting Weddings Team!
We would just like to thank you again for keeping our memories of our special day so beautiful and special.
You captured every moment of us so uniquley

Many thanks
Love, Bev + JP


You can't go wrong with TWT!
When we first met with TWT, we just knew they have a passion for their work.They are not like “other” photographers that only do it for the money, but when you work with them, you can see that they really LOVE what they do.
The pictures they took of our wedding, were above our expectations. When I first had a look at my wedding album, the emotions were flooding through my body on our special day, just came back. They have the capability of not only capturing the moment, but also capturing the emotions on the photos as well. They go the extra mile to make sure your photos are the way you want it.

From romantic to extreme, you can’t go wrong with TWT!
Paul & Linda


Dear Tempting Weddings Team!
Firstly, many apologies for taking so long to get in touch with you both. Things here have been really busy for both of us with work etc. Time is just flying by at the moment, and our wedding day seems a distant memory now, like it was all just one big wonderful dream!!
We just wanted to say a massive thank you for our photo albums. We received them around a week ago, and have looked at them so many times already. Our album in particular is absolutely amazing, words can't describe how happy we are with it. It is exactly what we wanted and it has turned out just perfectly. We are just so grateful to you for putting it all together for us, and of course taking all of the wonderful photos. They captured the magic of our day, and thanks to you we will be reminded of it every time we look at our album.
We hope to keep in touch, so please let us know how you are from time to time!

Thanks again so much.
Take care of yourselves.
Amy and Leonard


Dear Tempting Weddings Team!
Stunning photos guys! We can't wait for the end product. You guys are great and very professional. The three best investments we made for the wedding are the diamond, you guys doing our wedding photos and our honeymoon in Mauritius. We will advise anyone that is planning to get married to not cut costs on the wedding photographer, the ring and the honeymoon. Your wedding day is over before you know it. A lot of people told us that before our wedding day and it is definitely true. The wedding photos are the only things that we have left after our stunning day and we are glad we got you to do our photos. Not only do you produce top class work you are two stunning, awesome people to work with. You are like our own personal wedding assistants. You knew exactly what to do and what is happening when. It was great to know that we have two people that supported us. Thanks to the TWT for everything you two have done. It comes from the bottom of our hearts. You two are very special to us and we made friends for life.

Stuart & Penny


Hi everybody!
WOW, AHHH, AWESOME, UBER COOOL!!! These are just some words to describe the TWT!!!
I will not just recommend you to make use of the TWT as your photographers I will tell you that if you want your special day captured by THE BEST ever – then the TWT is just what you are looking for!
Not only do they take the most SPECIAL photo’s (example: I’m the bride with the 4 bridesmaids around me), but they make you feel comfortable, laugh a lot (like you should on your wedding day) and to them its not just a job – they LOVE what they do and you can see it in their work!
We had so much FUN on our wedding day and the photo’s came out STUNNING!! Not to mention the album (it took us a while to select the photo’s for the album, bacause ALL of them were AWESOME!!!) We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the TWT!!!

Do yourself a favor and book then now before they are booked on your special day!
Dorothy & Steven


Hi Guys!
All I can say is WOW!!! The photo’s on the web look fantastic, we are both so happy. The one with my bridesmaids has already got a few comments….lol. Friends have been looking and they have sent through so many comments about how they have come out.
Thank you so much.


Dear Tempting Weddings Team!
Thank you, I love it and I KNOW that many hearts of brides will be touched by the emotions caught in the photos.
This ad will be the seed for many weddings and all over functions to take place at Villa Rosa. I stand my ground and declare Villa Rosa is to enter into a busy…and blessed time. Guess what you planted the seed so you will definitely reap the harvest as well.
I firmly believe that your personality and style in the photo’s will bring in a great deal of positive leads which will take the two of you all over the country!!



Dear Tempting Weddings Team!
How do you thank such awesome photographers, as yourselves, to make our dreams come true? Our wedding day was planned a year a head. And when it came to the time to make the decision as to who to use for our photos, there was no doubt in our minds who we wanted.
And for sure this was the best decision that we have ever made.
The wedding guests are all still raving about the photographers that entertained them so much…
My dear friends, Thanks for capturing the moment so beautifully like you have done. You work is outstanding, and the passion and love for your job is clearly shown in your photo’s.
I can recommend you to any bridal couple with a peaceful heart and now that they will be satisfied by your professionalism as well as passion for your work. You are a dream to work with, and my o my there is a reason why all your brides and grooms have such big smiles, it’s not only due to the big days excitement, but because of your awesome personalities and the excitement that you share with the bridal couple.
Thanks again for making our special day one to never forget… And to share with who ever wants to join in, in the font memories.

Lots of love
Dianna & Jim Parsons


What can I say? I don’t know how to thank you 2. My family and I and Jay ofcourse did not see the 2 of you as just photographers but more like family to us! We were so impressed with you guys. It was an ABSOLUTE PLEASURE to have you both take our wedding pictures and for both of you to became part of our family. We are so happy that we made the right choice by choosing 2 special people that help to make our day special and make it all worth every single moment. And we know that eveytime we look at our wedding pictures it will definitely bring back the memories of our wedding day and you have helped us to make this possible. My HUSBAND is so impressed and I am so glad that he enjoyed it just as much as I did.
It was beautiful and I can’t thank you enough for what you both have done for us.
I feel so privileged to have had people like the TWT to have taken our wedding pictures. I felt so confident because I knew that the 2 of u would make it so special.
Like I said I can’t thank you enough for what you both have done for us and I will cherish it. Feels kind of weird that I am thanking the wedding photographers like this BUT we didn’t see it like that only we saw you as family to us.

Thank you again!!
Christina Aldridge